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Pop up card

Make a Jewish pop-up card at Jewish Children's Book Favorites' - Jewish children's arts and crafts page.

This card expresses the spirit of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
The girl in the card, who represents you and me, expresses her resolution to speak kind, good words and to avoid hurtful, impure speech.  We hope that our prayers should come from lips which have not spoken hurtful words which block our words of prayer.

The Days of Awe, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur's,
speak of Repentance, Prayer, and Charity-Good Deeds.

Let us hope that when we come in prayer before the Creator of the world, on Rosh Hashanah, on Yom Kippur and also every day, for we should pray every day, we should come with clean lips which enable our prayers to ascend to our Creator.

On the card there is also a prayer for help for the needs of every person.

The card concludes with prayers for Moschiach, our Righteous redeemer who will redeem us from exile,  and return us to the Holy Land.
He will rebuild Jerusalem and the Holy Temple and he will redeem the whole world.
May he come very speedily.




Please do not make this card on Shabbos - from Friday, sunset, to Saturday nightfall, (Nightfall is around an hour after sunset.) and Yom Tov - Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first two and last two days of Tabernacles, Passover, and Shavuos. (Shavuos is celebrated for two days, seven weeks after Passover.)

Instructions on how to make the card are written below both the card and the pattern.
You can print out this page and use the picture of the girl for your pattern or you can use the pattern that is printed below the card.

We hope that you will enjoy making this card.

A siddur means a prayer book. To daven means to pray. A yeshuah means salvation.



I will try to speak good words.
Words, that don't cause pain.
Words, without slander or gossip,
Speech that does not shame

I'll stay far away from anger
I'll try hard not to fall
Though I might be under stress
I will speak gently to all

I'll avoid flattery and mockery
Lies and words that fight,
Coarse and unclean language
I'll avoid with all my might

At times, I may slip and fall
I might err now and then
But I will pick myself right up
And watch myself again



All words that are impure
All words that hurt and shame

These block our words of prayer

And we have ourselves to blame

I hold this precious siddur
May their words rise up on high
May nothing block their path
When I daaven and I cry

I hold this precious siddur
I daaven every day
A yeshuah for every person
Should come without delay

I hold this precious siddur
I hold it close to me
Each day I ask again
Bring Moschiach speedily


  Siddur-prayer book to be placed in the hand of the girl.




Pop-up Card
 A girl holding a siddur
(a prayer book).


To make it:

1.       Take two sheets of paper. Fold both in half. Put one paper aside.

2.       If you are using the picture, fold the picture of the girl in half, along the length of the figure, cut on the dotted lines, fold to the side and unfold at edge of face, hand and dress cuttings. Then go to number 4.

3.       If you are using the cut and fold diagram, place the folded side over the edge of the sample. Make cuts on the dotted lines, and fold the fold lines. Bend the folds over to the side and unbend the folds.

4.       Unfold the whole paper and place it flat on the table

5.       Copy the drawing to the card making the top fold the face, the second fold the hands, and the third fold the dress. Draw also the chest and feet which do not pop-out. When you draw the face, try to make the eyes centered (from the top to the bottom of the head) or even below the center of the head from top to bottom. This is because when we look at a person we also see the head, not only the face. (Since the top of the head is further back than the face, we don t realize that the eyes are in middle of the head from top to bottom.) Cartoon pictures of children often have the eyes drawn even below this center line. Room must also be made for hair that is not flat to the head.

6.       Paste the second paper to the back of the card. Paste only the edges. Write on the outside a name, (let s say - Sari) holding her siddur (prayer book). Decorate the cover.

7.       Write or paste the poem in the inside to remember the power and holiness of speech. You can also decorate the inside of the card.

8.       Cut out a piece of paper the same size as the siddur shown. It should be a tiny bit wider than the cuts at the inner (top) side of the hands. This is so that it should fit tightly in the hands of the girl. Fold it in half and write on it the word siddur.

9.       Stand the card up and open it halfway, something like the letter V. The folded parts  the face, hands and dress should be bent towards you, like a tent, tent-top facing you. They pop-out.

10.   The other parts, (the rest of the card) are folded the opposite way (with the crease or fold, away from you) as regular cards are folded.

11.   Now squeeze the siddur cut-out through the cut marks, where the hands are - so that the girl is holding the siddur.  (In the pop up position the siddur can get into the smaller space. If the siddur cut-out is the same size as the hand cutting is, it doesn t stay firmly in place and can slide down. When the siddur cut-out is a bit wider it fits securely and doesn t slip.)

12.   Now your card is ready! When the pop up card is displayed it is generally opened 90 degrees, meaning it stands like the letter L.

13.   You might want to place your card on a desk, dresser or shelf, to help you remember the sacred nature of speech.



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